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Here at Royalrags we believe in breeding high quality ragdolls. Therefore, we breed our cats based on CFA and TICA Ragdoll Standards. Most of our cats were shown in CFA or TICA to ensure that our cats meet the standards.
CFA CH, RW Royalrags Sa Majeste La Rose


2018-2019 Show Result

CFA 7th Best Kitten &

Best Ragdoll Kitten

in Midwest Region

CFA GC Cajundoll Butch Cassidy

2017-2018 Show Result

CFA Best Ragdoll Cat

in Midwest Region

2016-2017 Show Result

CFA Best Ragdoll Kitten & 2nd Best Ragdoll Cat

in Gulf Shore Region

TICA 3rd Best Ragdoll Kitten

in SC Region

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